Late nights and meandering walks
Deep thoughts and long talks
A shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold
Always an “All in” never an “I fold”
Carving his name in a tree with a knife
Risking your friendship to save your life
Calling himself cool but he doesn’t believe it
Setting a goal, and failing to achieve it
Fragile and weak, scared and alone
The strong voice on the other side of the telephone
A super hero, untouchable, shatterproof
An enigma, both warm and aloof
Laughing at the word “aloof” as he writes on the page
A bit actor with a lead role, life is a stage
Catching you falling before you slip
Falling himself, he cant help but trip
Hiding the cracks under a cocky shell
Wearing it proudly, it has served him well
Completely flawed and completely confident
Believing that every moment is heaven sent
Closing his eyes, he’s afraid of the dark
Hanging his life on your thoughtless remark
Rubbing your shoulder to ease the pain
Breaking a bone, calling it a sprain
Wanting your number, but refusing to ask
Running the show and coming in last
Reading your words and soaking them in
Reading your face and hating his sin
Romancing your girl, better watch your back
Cutting corners, saving time, picking up the slack
Wearing all black just to see what you’ll say
12 on a 10 scale, all day, every day