Bloggity blog blog blog.

I have a brain. This brain thinks thoughts. Sometimes I think I’m funny. Sometimes I think I’m insightful. Sometimes, when all of the arrogance cells in my brain fire at once, I think I’m wise. On occasion, those around me that I share these thoughts with agree with me. I have decided to test this on a wider sampling of humans.

Welcome to I Am J-Man; a place for me to be me, and you to feed (or starve) my ego by telling me what you think of me (or not doing that). I’m going to be ignoring all basic rules of blogging by refusing to have any sort of “direction” or “purpose” when I come here to type things. I’ll post lyrics for songs I’m working on, creative writing samples, opinion pieces… Whatever strikes me. Maybe it’ll strike you?

Let’s see where this goes together.